May 27th 2022

We know your struggles - Part 7

Our tips for a successful final exam

Our colleague Sandra Grässle completed her studies at the MCI herself, and knows first-hand what it is like to go through the preparation phase as well as the final exam . In this article, she has briefly and concisely summarized her tips for successful examination.

 Tip 1: Good preparation

Your advantage is that the examination board is announced in advance. This allows you to prepare for your bachelor's exam in a very specific way. In addition, it is important to prepare interdisciplinary. Recognize the links to other subjects and always see the big picture.

My tip: create mind maps and link the subjects from the curriculum.

Tip 2: Answer in a structured way

Listen carefully when the board asks you a question and take a moment before answering. In addition, use pen and paper or a flip chart to structure your thoughts. Keep an overview and don't get lost in details. Otherwise, you run the risk of drifting off-topic.

Tip 3: Keep calm

Please do not panic if you cannot answer a question immediately. Take a moment and actively ask for time to think. If you suffer from strong nervousness, take your time to drink some water.

My last tip:

Buy a new outfit for this special bachelor's examination that you feel comfortable and confident in. Your professional presentation can have a positive impact on the course of the examination. It's also a great way to treat yourself before the examination for everything you've accomplished so far.


I wish you all the best!