September 08th 2022

X-Culture Xacathon 2022

MCI Professor Wendy Farrell organized the X-Culture Xacathon 2022

For almost a decade, a group of scholars has been investigating intercultural aspects of business education. Since 2013, at least 3,000 students from 90 countries have participated in international studying groups, whereby they have learned different concepts from the fields of management and marketing. These interactions have several goals:

  • For students, X-Culture is about getting new knowledge and learning to work in international settings;
  • for teachers, X-Culture is a great opportunity to expand their teaching horizons; and,
  • for researchers, X-Culture is one of the largest data bases necessary to investigate how people learn, interact, perceive themselves and teams, resolve complex tasks, while interculturalism is an absolute necessity.

This year, researchers from seven countries came together for a paper development workshop, the so-called “X-Culture Xacathon”. During this workshop, researchers intensively worked on developing research papers during five weeks in July-August 2022. The main goals of the Xacathon were:

  • fully developed paper idea(s) and a first draft;
  • finding co-authors;
  • completed initial tests and results;
  • honest feedback and suggestions for further improvement;
  • a detailed plan to finish the paper and submit it shortly after the meeting.

However, not only great research ideas appeared as a result of the meeting. One of MCI faculty members - Professor Wendy Farrell, Department Business Administration Online - received an award for the perfect organization of the event. The result of her work is not only the research environment but also several research ideas that will appear in academic press in the next years.