March 22nd 2023

Integration of Responsible Management into teaching

Interview with Antje Bierwisch

Antje Bierwisch, a proven expert in the field of technology and innovation management and future studies, talks about Responsible Management and highlights the importance of sustainable and responsible action. In the Bachelor program Business Administration, aspects of Responsible Management are integrated into the courses. Antje Bierwisch shows what this integration can look like.

What does Responsible Management mean to you in one sentence?

For me, Responsible Management means responsible corporate management that takes into account meaningful, sustainable, social and resilient requirements.

What does Responsible Management have to do with Business Administration online?

Particularly in the context of economics, it has become clear that maximizing profits and sales alone will not help solve the social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Responsible entrepreneurship requires new management skills to be taught to students: Corporate Social Responsibilty, Social innovation and Entrepreneurship or new ways of working characterized by appreciation, participation and diversity.

Both in the context of education, research and other university activities, the values of sustainability and social responsibility are to be solidified and lived. This means bringing Resonsbile Management to life.

Why is Responsible Management important?

Social challenges can no longer be tackled alone and organizations are an essential part of society. Taking responsibility for today and for future generations and developing sustainable business concepts are an indispensable contribution.

How do you integrate Responsible Management into your teaching?

In the Innovation and Technology Management courses, topics such as social innovation and Responsible Management and Innovation are discussed or elaborated together with the students. In addition, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship course deals with social trends and their possible positive and negative effects and develops solutions and paths to the future in the sense of responsible and sustainable corporate development.

Thank you for the interview and the insight into your teaching!