June 30th 2023

LEARNTEC 2023: Inspiring Innovations in Online Education

The implications of Artificial Intelligence for online educations

Every year, cutting-edge ideas, technologies, and research are provided at LEARNTEC by both learning technologies and academics and professionals in the field of digital learning and online education. LEARNTEC International is a trade fair and convention in Karlsruhe. From the BWLO department, Maria Pammer and Christiane Aufschnaiter participated in this year’s conference to seek inspiration and present a paper. In the following, they share their key insights and experiences from LEARNTEC:

The conference was full of innovative approaches and emerging technologies, all aimed at enhancing the learning experience in the digital era. One of the key topics at Learntec 2023 was the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for online education. The conference offered a platform for both technology providers and higher educational institutions to explore and discuss the transformative potential of AI in teaching and research.

On the one hand, leading technology providers showcased their AI-driven solutions for learning experiences by demonstrating how machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics can revolutionize this experience. These innovations offer personalized learning pathways or intelligent tutoring systems, empowering educators to tailor instructions to individual student needs. On the other hand, higher educational institutions engaged in thought-provoking discussions on the ethical considerations, pedagogical challenges, and research opportunities associated with integrating AI into (online) education.

Another notable theme explored during LEARNTEC 2023 was the integration of gamification elements into online education. We were particularly intrigued by this concept and its potential to engage students through immersive and interactive experiences. In this light, we presented the paper “An Online Simulations Game for Process Management” at the conference with our colleague Christian Ploder of the MCI department of Management, Communication & IT. We provided a practical example, a game, of how gamification principles could be effectively utilized to teach and reinforce concepts of operational excellence. This simulation game offers flexibility and integration into various educational settings such as schools, universities, and entrepreneurial training programs. The development of this game was led by our MCI colleagues Christian Ploder, Reinhard Bernsteiner, and Simon Rahm, drawing on their extensive experience in using simulation games.

LEARNTEC 2023 also offered a platform for networking and collaboration among educators, tech providers, and industry professionals. We engaged in discussions, exchanged ideas, and sought opportunities for future collaborations and partnerships. We came back from LEARNTEC enriched with fresh perspectives, innovative teaching methodologies, and the latest advancements in e-learning technologies. Now we’ll have to think about how to put into practice the insights we’ve gained from the conference. Stay tuned!