August 08th 2023

BAO Insights: New team member in Office Management and Student Support

Interview with Daniel Schroll

We recently welcomed our new colleague Daniel Schroll in the Business Administration Online Department. Daniel will hold the position of office management and student support. Our office management serves as the main point of contact for a lot of our students throughout their studies, from their application until they graduate. Moreover, thanks to their organizational skills, our office colleagues make sure that every academical year runs smoothly.

To get to know Daniel a little better, we asked him a few questions.

  1. What did you study?
    I wanted to let my creativity flow after the commercial college (Bundeshandelsakademie). That is why I have studied Media Design at the Medienkolleg in Innsbruck.

  2. What are you most looking forward to in your new position as Office manager and student support?
    I am mostly looking forward to getting to know a lot of our students. Besides the students, I am also excited to work together with a great team.
  1. Describe your ideal workplace.
    Bright, clean, a beautiful view and loads of plants.
  1. During which hobby can you completely lose track of time?
    When I grab one of my instruments (violin, guitar, piano).