January 30th 2024

New Online Continuing Education Programs: eStudy Compact & Certificate Courses

Online and flexible learning with the eStudy Online Campus

In addition to the existing and established continuing education program, MCI now offers additional courses that can be taken 100% online and flexibly. Participants can expand their knowledge through compact online courses in the fields of Accounting, Investment and Finance as well as Marketing and Sales.

The eStudy Compact Courses allow individuals to acquire business knowledge and skills in six-week online courses. The modules provide a deeper insight into the business world and seamlessly fit into one's own schedule thanks to the flexible self-learning concept, thereby balancing professional work and further education. A course start is possible at any time. Depending on your own time and resources, the courses can be completed at your own pace.

Susanne Herzog, Head of Executive Education at MCI, emphasizes, "With the new eStudy Compact & Certificate Courses, we are responding to the demand from companies for further education formats that their employees can complete independently of time and location. These courses offer working professionals the opportunity to equip themselves with highly current specialized knowledge and advance their careers purposefully, without neglecting their professional obligations."

For those who wish to take the courses collectively and enhance their career prospects with a certificate, the Certificate Course "Business Administration Compact" represents the ideal model. Previously completed Compact Courses can be credited towards the Certificate Course. The new eStudy offering includes the four modules Accounting I, Accounting II, Decision Theories & Decision-Making, Digital Competence & Self-Management, Human Resource Management & Leadership, Investment & Finance, and Marketing & Sales. The course catalog is constantly being extended.

The successful eStudy learning concept continues with the new programs:

  • Online learning at the highest level on the eStudy Online Campus
  • Practical focus on current Business & Management know-how
  • Comprehensive student support