April 21st 2023

World Social Work Day 2023

Department of Social Work engages in special photo campaign around this year's motto

"World Social Work Day is a celebration that aims to highlight the achievements of Social Work, increase the visibility of social services for the future of society, and defend social justice and human rights" (IFSW). It takes place every year on the third Tuesday in March. This year's motto was "Respecting diversity through joint social action.“

As part of the World Social Work Day (WSWD), events were held around the world with the aim of presenting social work in its versatility and making it visible. The department of Social Work organized a photo campaign for WSWD 2023 at SixtyTwenty in Innsbruck together with the Austrian Professional Association of Social Work (OBDS) and the MCI university representation.

Staff members of the Department of Social Work, students and graduates of Social Work as well as some practice partners took part in the campaign in order to help social work in Tyrol gain more visibility on this special day.