April 09th 2024

ogsa FORUM 2024

Science meets practice: The MCI Department of Social Work at the ogsa FORUM in St. Pölten

The ogsa (Austrian Society for Social Work) is an Austria-wide association of experts for the promotion of the discipline and profession of Social Work and functions as a networking partner for research, theory, teaching, and practice. Since the founding of the ogsa, the MCI Department of Social Work has been actively involved in the association.

The ogsaFORUM takes place every two years, alternating with the ogsaTAGUNG. On one day in spring, it enables a specialist discourse, learning from each other and the networking of science, teaching, and practice. This year, the scientific community of Social Work participated in the lively exchange at the St. Pölten UAS.

In addition to a keynote speech by Eva Gregori (St. Pölten UAS), 12 different groups worked together and discussed the diverse topics of Social Work. The MCI Department of Social Work was once again heavily involved in this year's symposium.

Katharina Flunger-Lang, Christina Lienhart, Robert Koglek and Moritz Reisberger were actively involved in the working groups "Ageing and Social Work", "Research", "Childhood & Youth" and "Migration". In addition, Robert Koglek gave a presentation on "Social Work as a health profession in the UK" in the afternoon in the "Ageing and Social Work" group and Katharina Lang and Moritz Reisberger organized an interactive workshop on the topic of "Doctoral opportunities in Social Work" as part of the "Research" working group. Christina Lienhart contributed results from her research work to research discussions on outpatient educational support and "out-of-home care and family".

The symposium was an inspiring, constructive, and extremely beneficial day of networking and a strong sign of cooperation between the Social Work community in Austria.