September 18th 2019

"Schlaue Luxe" at MCI

On 17 September 2019, the kick-off event of the traveling exhibition "Schlaue Luxe" took place at MCI Technik. As part of this kick-off event, AHS and BHS teachers were trained in the stations of the exhibition, which can now be borrowed module-wise from the klasse!forschung association. The aim of the interactive exhibition is to familiarize pupils between the ages of 10 and 16 with the interfaces between nature and technology. Questions such as "Why is the tomato red?" or "How does the butterfly protect itself from rain" will be used to present important concepts in the fields of energy, lighting and biotechnology. Using the "Locandy" app, the pupils can work independently on the stations and test their knowledge by answering quiz questions. The aim of the "Schlaue Luxe"-project is to get young people excited about the region's research highlights and to show them future exciting working worlds in research and development. The project was approved by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and is now being carried out in cooperation with partners from industry and science.