August 11th 2021


Biotechnolgy & Food Engineering student studies various factors of vertical farming

Igor Schweiggl, a student of the BA program in Biotechnology & Food Engineering, is completing his twelve-week internship at MCI over the summer in the RD area of Food Science & Biotechnology on the topic of vertical farming.
In vertical farming, crops grow on top of each other in several storeys, which is being discussed as an alternative urban farming system in highly populated areas. Advantages are topics such as environmental friendliness, space-saving and pesticide-free cultivation or independence from weather phenomena. Scientific work on vertical farming is intended to advance this promising and current issue even further, especially when it comes to the efficient use of light, substrate use, and efficient plant cultivation.
The effects of different nutrient solutions as well as light sources on the growth of duckweed will be investigated during the experimental setup in the MCI laboratory. Series of experiments with higher plants, such as lamb's lettuce, are also planned.