September 25th 2023

17th Biotech Summer School in Palermo

MCI students and lecturers at the four-day event in Palermo

The Summer School on Advanced Biotechnology is organized annually by biotechnet Switzerland, the University of Palermo, and the MCI's Department of Bio- & Food Technology, and again was held in cooperation with the European University Alliance Ulysseus. Seven students from the MCI's Biotechnology master's program and Bio- & Food Technology bachelor's program took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about numerous facets of biotechnology. The spectrum ranged from biomedical topics to food biotechnology and environmental biotechnology.

In addition to MCI faculty and students, speakers from the Universities of Genoa and Côte d'Azur were also present, reporting on their research projects. Prof. Raffaela Boggia from the University of Genoa presented the results of a study in the field of the fishery industry. Prof. Laurent Counillon from the University of Côte d'Azur drew a line from results from basic research on ion channels to biotechnological application as drugs.

Insights into current research topics were also provided by the MCI. PhD student Lucia Colleselli presented her results on the production of nanoparticles using microorganisms. Dr. Harald Schöbel explained the influence of light on bioprocesses and presented his research projects in this field, while food technologist Dr. Arash Sadeghi-Mehr spoke about the fermentative production of yogurt alternatives based on plant raw materials. Department head Prof. Dr. Christoph Griesbeck presented biotechnological research approaches to combat the microplastic problem in his opening lecture.

In addition to the scientific program, the students were also challenged to develop biotechnological ideas up to the point of founding a company and to present them to a fictitious jury of investors. Overall, the event in the wonderful surroundings of the Botanical Garden of the University of Palermo was again a nice opportunity to learn about current developments in biotechnology and to exchange ideas with international colleagues.