October 11th 2019

More women interested in mechatronics

Jobs in technical fields are not just for men anymore. MCI alumna Daniela proved that and entered the male-dominated world of technology by studying Mechatronics at MCI, which finally led her to her dream job.

Daniela had always dreamed of working for companies in technical fields. However, she had focused her career on marketing and was missing essential knowledge and skills, which employers saw as a reason to reject her applications. Consequently, with the help of the “FiT program” (a program, which supports women in technical education) offered by the AMS (Austrian Public Employment Service), Daniela decided to study mechatronics with specialization in electrical engineering.

After graduating, Daniela applied to MED-EL (an Austrian manufacturer of medical devices) and got the job right away. “During my studies, I already knew that I wanted to work for MED-EL. I also wrote my Bachelor’s thesis in the field of medical technology“, Daniela explains. She continued her studies at MCI by starting the Master’s program Mechatronics & Smart Technologies. Due to the part-time model, she was able to work while studying and mastering her technical skills.

Daniela was one of four females in her student group during the Bachelor’s program. During the Master’s program, she was the only one. Since then, more and more women have found interest in studying and working in technical fields. And the MCI Mechatronics department is very excited about that!


Source: meinbezirk.at