March 16th 2022

About the realization of dreams and crazy ideas

At the beginning of the year, the CTM team with its approximately 50 members transported their self-built race car to the Nordkette and sped down the slope at sunrise.

The CTM Team ©KOCH FILMS/@chri_koch

Formula Student is an international design competition founded in the USA. Teams from all over the world design and build their racing cars and compete against each other. Since 2009, the first Formula Student events have also taken place in Austria and since 2016, there has been the Campus Tirol Motorsport Team, or CTM for short.

By now, the CTM team has around 50 members and was able to attract attention with a special event at the beginning of the year. A self-built race car was transported to the Nordkette to race with it at sunrise despite snow and cold.

The club is made up of students from a wide range of disciplines, from mechatronics to business administration, electrical engineering, and marketing. Together they have set themselves the goal of constructing an electrically powered racing car. In addition, it should be able to compete against other racing cars in the Formula Student competitions and, in the best case, win. First, however, all of the racing cars competing must meet the required standards.

The young team has faced some challenges on the way but has always been able to master them successfully. In order to build a real vehicle and put it into operation, a wide variety of subjects must be covered. This way, the disciplines intermesh like cogs, and the team members can apply their knowledge practically. Therefore students of mechatronics are particularly popular, as they can get to grips with the core of the racing car. The third car model of the CTM team, called e03, was the first roadworthy model to compete in the Formula Student races.

We congratulate the CTM team for their impressive achievements so far and especially for qualifying for Formula Student Austria, Netherlands, and Germany! Good luck and have a good trip!


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