November 25th 2021

EBA publishes paper from MCI researcher

MCI Researcher and head of the Josef Ressel Centre for the Production of Powdered Activated Carbon from Municipal Residues, Angela Hofmann, has contributed to a just published paper on the potential of gasification to support climate neutrality.

The European Biogas Association, or EBA, published a paper this week that includes a detailed analysis of the significant potential of gasification technologies to accelerate climate neutrality by 2050. Special attention was paid to the responsibilities of the European waste, energy, hydrogen and biofuels markets. Angela Hofmann, a researcher in the Department of Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering, worked together with other scientists, on this paper and was very pleased with the publication: "What was special about this project was that EBA succeeded in involving the leading players from science and industry in the writing of the paper, thus producing a publication that offers a very broad yet focused view of the many possibilities of this technology."

The market for gasification of fossil fuels, biomass and waste is expected to reach $901 billion by 2028. European stakeholders are committed to advancing gasification technologies, although public support has yet to materialize due to a lack of awareness of the benefits. By producing clean energy, biochar, and biofuels from biomass and waste, gasification is a key enabler for decarbonizing the EU's energy consumption.

Long-term solutions are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, avert global temperature rise, and create a sustainable circular economy. These three goals could be achieved by gasifying biomass and waste into syngas and biochar and converting them into energy forms. This could not only reduce the amount of waste in Europe but additionally generate renewable energy.

The EBA association was founded in 2009 and aims to promote and advertise sustainable biogas and biomethane production. Today, more than 200 organizations, scientific institutes and companies from Europe and the rest of the world belong to its network.