January 13th 2022

Superstars of Austrian Energy Innovation at MCI

This week the Department of Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering hosted a very special guest lecture by two graduates, Florian Entleitner and Florian Fuchs.

Entleitner and Fuchs are winners of the State Innovation Special Award VERENA (Verbund Ennovation Award), one of the most important prizes for innovation in the energy sector in Austria. They received the EUR12.000,00 prize for their project "Efficiency record with a clear lead in air-source heat pumps through newly developed process control", which they submitted in cooperation with MCI. The two are founders of LAMBDA Wärmepumpen GmbH.

Not only the technical achievements of the two were the subject of the presentation, but also their personal journey from the product idea to the founding of the company. In addition, the audience was given valuable advice for start-up companies: From funding opportunities to the right focus in business planning.

Florian Entleitner graduated in 2020 with a part-time master's degree in environmental, process and energy engineering. From 2013, he worked for Heliotherm Wärmepumpen Ges.m.b.H. for five years, until he then finally founded the company LAMBDA Wärmepumpen GmbH together with Florian Fuchs in 2019. Fuchs graduated from MCI back in 2013 and was then also employed by Heliotherm.