February 15th 2022

UVET at the Euromembrane Congress in Copenhagen

The Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering (UVET for short) program was represented at the international Euromembrane conference in Copenhagen.

Between November 29 and December 2, scientists from all over the world met in Copenhagen to discuss research results in the field of membrane science. Also present was the Entrepreneurial School®. There, the UVET doctoral student Jana Marx was allowed to present the first results of her dissertation. In the course of her work, a study was conducted on the elimination of trace substances from wastewater. The focus was specifically on the removal of drug residues. These substances end up in the ecosystem and via detours finally back into the human organism. In addition, resistance can develop in microorganisms, causing the drugs to lose their effect. The application of this technology is planned especially in the pharmaceutical industry and in hospitals, for the pre-treatment of wastewater. The process of eliminating these trace substances from wastewater is carried out using mixed-matrix membranes with embedded activated carbon.

The conference was organized by numerous Scandinavian scientists in the field of membrane research from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and many others. The conference included various presentations with the main focus on sustainable and future-oriented solutions to societal problems of the 21st century. In addition to wastewater treatment, topics such as gas separation, electrolysis, drinking water treatment, desalination of seawater, and membrane production and optimization were covered. Due to the participation of international research groups and companies from the field of membrane technology, the scientific exchange, as well as the professional feedback, was an enriching experience.