April 27th 2022

Electromobility, an efficient means of transport?

Last Monday, DI Dr. Gerd Schauer held a guest lecture in the Department of Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering.

The lecture was titled "Electromobility, an efficient means of transport? Battery systems - overhead line - hydrogen". In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of electrically powered vehicles, Gerd Schauer also spoke about topics such as charging infrastructure, vehicle supply and about energy generation and hydrogen production. The aspect of electrification of transport was also particularly exciting. Fast charging systems for electric cars can already be found more and more frequently, but for e-trucks these are currently still completely lacking. The High-Performance Charging in Long-Distance Truck Transport (HoLa) project is now set to change that. In addition to numerous other topics, the presentation also covered the history of e-cars and gave an outlook on the current state of technological development.

DI Dr. Gerd Schauer studied electrical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology and wrote his dissertation on the subject of drives for electric vehicles at the University of Leoben. Professionally, he worked in high-voltage switchgear construction and was employed in various companies at Verbund from 1991. His R&D experience and projects include hydropower, photovoltaics, wind energy, biomass, distributed generation, hydrogen, electromobility and electricity economics. He teaches at the Technikum, has authored numerous publications and has been active in national and European interest groups.