May 05th 2022

BOKU at the UVET Department

Representatives of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) visited the MCI

Last Tuesday, the Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering program welcomed the head of the Department of Water-Atmosphere-Environment (WAU) Günter Langergraber, as well as two scientific staff members of the EU project WATERAGRI (, Alba Canet-Marti (BOKU) and Eriona Canga (alchemia-nova).

The aim of the visit was, besides general scientific exchange, the presentation of the activities of the Josef Ressel Centre (JRZ). The "Josef Ressel Centre for the Production of Powdered Activated Carbon from Municipal Residues" is concerned with the development of a manufacturing process for high-quality activated carbon out of a by-product of wood gasification: charcoal. The head of the JRZ, Angela Hofmann, presented the current state of research and provided a tour of the laboratories at MCI. Also other faculty members of the Department UVET presented their research areas.

The EU project WATERAGRI deals, among other things, with the use of biochar in agricultural areas. Synergies with the JRZ were identified in the course of the talks, thus laying the foundation for a longer-term cooperation. 

After lunch, the participants visited the power plant of the Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe, where they were able to see the production of powdered coal at the JRZ.