June 03rd 2022

Engineers without Borders at MCI

On Monday, June 13, the association Engineers without Borders visits the Entrepreneurial School®.

IOG (Engineers without Borders Austria) is a non-profit Austria-wide association whose purpose is to carry out projects in technical development activities. It serves its members as a platform that enables social engagement in this field.

The event will start at 5 pm with a presentation by two members of IOG. Afterwards there will be room for questions and exciting discussions. Guests will be Günther Mimm, volunteer project manager at IOG, and Hannes Obergasser, regional group leader in Tyrol for IOG. Engineers without Borders is currently also working with the organization "Future for Tshumbe" and in this context Günther Mimm is in charge of the project "Water for Tshumbe".

This project is planned by the regional group Tyrol from 2021 to 2024. The aim is to develop, finance and build a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment, stormwater drainage and rainwater storage system for an elementary school and kindergarten in Tshumbe (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Close cooperation with the local people is particularly important here. For this purpose, a trip to Tshumbe is planned, during which, in addition to the procurement of materials for the construction, four workshops will be held with the residents. The topics of these workshops are: Reading construction drawings, water workshop (where does the water go, what happens to the groundwater at waste dumps, etc.), forum for needs of the residents and finally also an "turned around" workshop, where the residents themselves can pass on their knowledge.

For the project "Water for Tshumbe" (or short "TshuWa") the IOG are still looking for support. In addition to people with engineering skills, they need also individuals who can demonstrate social skills and have an interest in development cooperation and intercultural exchange. The cooperation would be voluntary and can be done in the extent of 1 hour up to 10 hours per month. The project team currently consists of 12-15 people.

Further information about the association Engineers without Borders: https://www.iog-austria.at/

Further information about the project "TschuWa": https://www.iog-austria.at/iog_project/tshuwa and about the association "Future for Tshumbe": https://www.zukunft-fuer-tshumbe.or.at/   


  • Monday, June 13, 2022
  • Start: 17:00 Uhr
  • MCI II, Universitätsstraße 7

No Registration needed