June 23rd 2022

UVET at the HUMUS+ Days

Project team members attended conference about humus build-up in agriculture.

On May 30 and 31, 2022, the Humus+ Days took place in the ecoregion of Kaindorf in Styria, where the project members of the MCI Department of Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering Rosa Wagner, Dominik Zlöbl and Pascale Rohrer participated.

In addition to very practice-oriented lectures on the topic of humus build-up in agriculture, presentations were also given on the topics of soil and climate, possibilities of regenerative agriculture, and soil microbiology.

In addition, an exciting panel discussion took place, which addressed the question "What incentives are needed in agriculture to achieve our climate goals?". The diversity of the speakers, but also of the conference participants, led to a very diversified conference and lively exchange among the attendees.

During the conference, several information booths could also be visited. The booth of the Entrepreneurial School® informed about the two projects VerStraGem and EHIL.

The EHIL project dealt with the practical co-composting of charcoal and the application of this soil mixture in industrial agriculture - with practical trials in intensive vegetable cultivation.

In the current project VerStraGem, a quantity survey of the vegetable residues accumulating in Tyrol including their characterization with regard to fitness for human consumption is being carried out. Based on this, various utilization paths are being tested through local practical trials and further developed together with the project partners.