June 28th 2024

UVET Challenge 2024

The winners of this year's UVET Challenge were awarded

Last week, the winners of this year's UVET Challenge were awarded. Bachelor's and master's students of the study program Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering and Smart Building Technologies competed again this year in a mathematical-scientific contest.

A total of eight tricky tasks had to be solved throughout the year. These were developed by Werner Stadlmayr and Alexander Dumfort.

This year's winners are:

  • 1st: Oliver Thanei
  • 2nd: Maximilian Gatt
  • 3rd: Samuel Lichtenberger

Special thanks also go to the sponsors: SPIEGLTEC GmbH - engineering services, ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik, and Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH.


For all those who would like to join the challenge, here is an example:

Mr. Dumfort's watch

You have a standard wristwatch with hour, minute, and second hands. Let us assume that all hands are of equal length*. The second, minute, and hour hands are continuous, i.e. while the second hand makes a full circle, the minute hand moves continuously one unit further and the same applies to the ratio of hour to minute hand. If you understand the tips of all hands as points, you can draw a triangle between these points. At what time or times does this triangle have the maximum area?

*This is not usually the case with a clock, you are welcome to explore the question of whether it makes a difference if the hands are different lengths.

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