October 13th 2022

MCI-Lecturer visits partner university in Pakistan

Alexander Dumfort, lecturer in the Department of Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering, is currently visiting the PAF-IAST in Pakistan.

PAF-IAST (Pakistan Austria University of Applied Sciences - Institute of Applied Science and Technology) is located about 60 kilometers north of the Pakistani capital Islamabad and was ceremoniously opened by Prime Minister Imran Khan in September 2020. The Entrepreneurial School® has been involved in the establishment of PAF-IAST as an academic partner from the very beginning. The cooperation relates primarily to the Department of Chemical Engineering, which was designed as a sister program to Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering. In addition to Chemical Engineering, 23 other bachelor's degree programs and 15 master's degree programs are now offered.

Alexander Dumfort will be a guest at the partner university for the next two weeks, not only to gain an insight into the current processes, but also to engage in a lively exchange in the areas of research and university management. The main focus will be on the establishment of a student exchange program in the Bachelor's program, as well as the development of a double degree contract in the Master's program. Another exciting cooperation is the design of a teaching exchange. In addition, cooperations in research and development will be strengthened and expanded. During his stay in Pakistan, Alexander Dumfort will also give lectures and workshops, including a Facebook Live Talk.

The PAF-IAST has set itself the goal of supporting the industrial sector in the country through application-oriented research. Furthermore, students are motivated to establish start-ups in order to boost the region's economy and thus general economic well-being. This type of university is unique in Pakistan and is strongly oriented towards Austrian structures and study programs.