April 18th 2023

What is it like to study Corporate Governance & Finance?

Three alumni talk about their studies at MCI

When I look back at my time at MCI...

Alicia Maria: ...I look back on a challenging and fulfilling time. I have made friends at MCI that I hope will accompany me throughout my life, and I can take many things I have learned with me for my future career. I have also constantly outgrown myself and am proud to have successfully balanced my job, private life and studies over the past few years.

David: ...I can see that the efforts were worth it. It was not always easy. Balancing studies, job and private life was difficult, but I learned a lot about my skills and myself.

Lisa Marie: …it was not easy balancing a full-time job, studies, and family life by any means. But ultimately, it was worth it in a number of ways: I was able to deepen my knowledge and gain new skills, learn in a practice-oriented way, and prove my endurance and determination.

How did your studies at MCI prepare you for your current job?

Alicia Maria: During my part-time studies, I had to continuously develop new skills and stay well organized. Through my studies, I managed to improve these skills, which are also very important in professional life. Furthermore, the different projects and tasks in my studies have taught me how to work through all kinds of subjects quickly and effectively, which is very useful and important in my job now and makes my daily life easier. I am not afraid to tackle new tasks and always look forward to new challenges.

David: Learning not only to understand other views, but also to accept them. When solving a problem, everyone has different perspectives and, therefore, comes up with different solutions. Since my studies have given me an entrepreneurial view on problems, I can often act as a link between engineers and managers.

Lisa Marie: I have gained a lot from my studies, especially on a personal level. I noticed how much I actually already knew from my bachelor's degree and that I don't need to hide despite my young age. The practice-oriented knowledge transfer at MCI has helped me structure complex matters at work and approach them as efficiently as possible. Tax consulting is a very sensitive subject and I often have to work on an interpersonal level, both with colleagues and with clients. Here, too, I can apply useful aspects from my studies.

What would you tell someone who is considering studying at MCI?

Alicia Maria: You will surpass yourself. Sometimes you will wonder if you can do it and if you should keep going. You will definitely not get anything for free and you will have to work hard to complete your studies. However, at the end of the day, you will be proud and happy you did it and you will have a lot to take with you for your future professional and personal life!

David: Best to start right away! I have not regretted one day.