February 09th 2023

Risk Management x Economic Policy

Insights into the hybrid and interdisciplinary On-Campus Days of our master students

The On-Campus Days in January of the master students of the cohort 2021 were interdisciplinary and hybrid at the same time. Their final course block of the fall semester consisted of two courses, Risk Management and Economic Policy. The two lecturers of the courses - Carolin Schönherr and Christoph Kneiding - provided a very exciting and practice-oriented attendance phase at the MCI Campus.

The aim of the On-Campus Days in January was to show the students how the two areas of Risk Management and Economic Policy intertwine. To meet this objective, the lecturers chose an exciting real-life case study which the students had to work on in groups. The first part of the On-Campus Days was initially characterized by inputs from the two lecturers. Christoph Kneiding, who is in Brazil, joined the event online. On site, the lecturer Carolin Schönherr and the teaching assistant Martin Dinter supervised the students. After the theoretical inputs, the students received instructions on how to work on case studies correctly and what to pay attention to. 

When working on the case study, the three groups had to work on different areas with corresponding questions. Here are some examples:

Financial viability of the project and risk profile

  • Identification of the main revenue and cost drivers
  • Creation of a financial risk metrics dashboard including the tolerance levels for each of them.

Risk Assessment

  • Description of the main macro-level risks of the project.
  • Describing and discussing the main operational risks and any emerging risks

ESG Issues

  • Description of the key governance risks of the project.
  • Summary of the main environmental and social considerations of the project in the context of the Environmental and Social Policy 2019
  • Creation of a severity vs. potential impact matrix and identification the top five non -financial risks for this project