September 28th 2023

One master's program: 4 Semesters, 4 Cities, 4 Universities

Insights into the European Master in Health Economics & Management: From Bologna to Innsbruck, Rotterdam, and Oslo

A unique academic journey and an international adventure awaits students enrolled in the master’s Program European Health Economics and Management (Eu-HEM). The program offers students the opportunity to study in diverse locations, gaining a global perspective on health economics and management.

The two-year master's program in European Health Economics and Management is jointly offered by MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®, the Universities of Bologna, Oslo, and Erasmus University Rotterdam. It allows students to spend the first semester in the historic city of Bologna, Italy. From there, they can choose their specialization track and the corresponding universities for the second, third, and fourth semester.

We invited Elke van Gorp, who specializes in Population Health Management, to share some insights about the Eu-HEM study program with us. She spent the spring semester 2023 at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® and has recently started her third semester at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


Elke, you have already completed one year of your master's degree. What do you like most about the Eu-HEM program?

The thing I like the most about the Eu-HEM study program is the diversity. You will get in contact with students from different countries of different educational backgrounds. You will also study in various countries with different academic systems and teaching styles. Besides studying, there is enough time to explore the countries. All of that makes this program such a unique experience.

What motivated you to choose this international study program with its unique structure, involving multiple universities and cities?

I was living abroad when I decided to sign up for a master's. I really enjoyed my time abroad, so when I decided to look for master's programs, I knew I did not only want to study in my home country. There is so much to see and learn everywhere.

You studied at MCI in your second semester. What was your favorite place there?

It was so nice to live in between the mountains. At the beginning of the semester, I went snowboarding, and during the end of the semester I often took the cable car up the mountains for a hike. The nature made me feel so relaxed and calm.

How have you managed the transition between different universities, cities, and academic systems?

Between cities: I always tried to find housing as soon as possible. I think this is really useful to do, as there are more students than available housing in most cities. Other than that, I just let it happen. So far, it has always worked out for me.

Between academic systems and teaching styles: Some academic systems and teaching styles worked better for me than others. I really enjoyed Austria's academic system and the teaching styles: very interactive classes, professional teachers and a strong focus to improve soft skills.

Reflecting on your experiences across different universities in Eu-HEM, can you share some challenges you have encountered during the past year?

I often had to get used to the systems in every country and at universities. For example, I had to find out where and how to get bus tickets, finding a nice sport and get a sports plan, getting used to the new university accounts, and so on.

Looking ahead to your final semester and your master's thesis: Are there specific areas you are excited about exploring?

I will write my thesis while doing an internship at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). I have worked at some hospitals before, but never explored other organizations, so I am really excited to start my master's thesis.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering a similar international academic journey?

Take this unique opportunity to obtain a master’s degree while learning so many other life skills and exploring new parts of Europe.

Thank you very much. We wish you a great journey ahead and good luck with your master's thesis.