December 14th 2023

Eu-HEM Graduate at HepHIV 2023 Madrid Conference

Igor Kuchin attended the conference in Madrid to present the results of his master’s thesis

In the dynamic landscape of Public Health, conferences play an important role in fostering collaboration, sharing research findings, and moving the field forward. One such event that recently took place was the HepHIV 2023 Madrid Conference. This international gathering was organized from November 13 to 15, 2023. The main theme focused on progress and implementation of integrated testing, new technologies and ensuring equity in the delivery of HIV, viral hepatitis and STI services. Igor Kuchin, a recent graduate of the European Master in Health Economics & Management (Eu-HEM) actively participated as a speaker in the Combination Prevention panel and presented insights derived from his Master’s Thesis. The Thesis was supervised by MCI lecturer FH-Prof. Dr. Nils Mevenkamp.

“HepHIV2023 was a success story for the research I conducted during my master’s. As one of the speakers on the Combination Prevention panel, I focused on digital innovation's role in reaching more people with HIV prevention. Although the conference outline was dramatic due to a deterioration in progress on Sustainable Development Goals in the European region, it was empowering to present opportunities we can leverage in these challenging times.”

“My most significant learning from HepHIV2023 is the new lens we should use for infections in sexual health - the framework of blood-borne diseases - as we strive towards zero HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis in our region.”

With the presentation, based on his master’s thesis results, Igor Kuchin emphasized the significance of digital innovation and the important role of a comprehensive framework in the fight against HIV and other infectious diseases. In conclusion, the HepHIV2023 Madrid Conference not only served as a platform for knowledge exchange but also witnessed the emergence of passionate individuals dedicated to creating progress in Public Health.