April 17th 2024

Mentoring Program: a great opportunity

Alumni as mentors connect with Eu-HEM students and help with career orientation

To enrich academic and professional experiences, the MCI Mentoring Program has recently been opened to all students of the European Master in Health Economics & Management (Eu-HEM). This unique opportunity was already available for students spending one semester during the Joint Degree at MCI and has now been extended to all Eu-HEM students, even if their specialization doesn’t bring them to MCI for their studies.

The primary goal of the mentoring program is to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world applications by providing students with the valuable opportunity to engage with professionals in the field of Health Economics & Management. This initiative pairs students with mentors from the industry, who are graduates from the program and who have several years of relevant working experience.

The Mentoring Program has received positive feedback from both students and mentors. Eu-HEM student Willem Dekker explains, "In my mentoring journey, my mentor not only offered valuable career advice but also shared effective strategies for job applications. Beyond a mentor, they became a friend, broadening my network and opening doors to various opportunities and contacts. The relationship we have build up goes beyond just professional guidance and has created a bond where we can discuss anything openly." 

This initiative aligns with MCI’s commitment to provide students with holistic education and to prepare them for successful careers in their chosen fields. Renate Windbichler, who had the idea to start this program years ago, reflects on the program, “It’s amazing to witness the development and to see that so many connections have been made since we started. We also find graduates who really enjoy being mentors, they can take away a lot for themselves. It’s a win-win situation.”

We encourage all students to seize this opportunity and engage in the program to gain valuable insights and start their network already during their studies.

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