April 21st 2022

Visualizing our new Master Program International Business & Law

With its unique composition of essential contents, our new Master program offers the tools for the challenges of our time in business & law and expands your international portfolio.

The business world is facing big changes. For us, taking responsibility for people and the planet is part of a new way of doing business. Legal limits and opportunities are a major success factor in this context. On this basis, the decision was made to adapt the curriculum in our master's degree and to make future-oriented business possible with innovative new content.


External influences, such as the pandemic, economic crises and climate change create new challenges for companies. Future decision-makers must be prepared for these new responsibilities. This requires not only economic but also legal competencies, which are to be taught with innovative structural and content-related concepts.

New Structure

The first year of study provides the basis for economic performance on a national and international level. Human resource management, digitalization, financing, global markets, management, research methods and legal basics form a solid foundation upon which new specializations are built in the second year of study.

New Content

The two specializations "HR, Leadership & Diversity" and "Strategic Management & Sustainability" are at the fore of the second year of study and deliver the most new and innovative content to the new curriculum. Students additionally have the opportunity to replace one of the two specializations with an individually chosen focal area from another degree program. This allows the IB&L Master degree program to be tailored to individual career goals and current job offers in the best possible way.


Another special feature, in addition to innovative content and structure, is our international orientation. English as the language of instruction makes it possible for students from all over the world to complete our Master's degree. This results in a lively exchange within a diverse group of students consisting of national, European and international fellow students. We also promote internationality on many other levels.

Double-Degree Options
Those students who successfully apply for a double-degree also have the unique opportunity to earn an additional international degree in the UK, Italy, France or Taiwan.

International Study Tour
The Study Tour to Ireland in the third semester enables all students to establish valuable contacts with internationally and/or globally active companies. In addition, the joint field trip includes visits and lectures at renowned universities in addition to cultural enrichment.

International Semester
Stays abroad represent an additional opportunity for all students to experience diversity, expand networks, and enrich their CVs. Therefore, we offer our students the option of a semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities in the 3rd semester.

Applications for the start of studies in fall 2022 are now open!

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Prof. Dr. Ralf Geymayer | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management & Law
Prof. Dr. Ralf Geymayer Head of Department & Studies