August 31st 2022

Outstanding completion of Double Degrees in Taiwan

We are delighted about Elena Preymanns and Simon Poschingers success! The two Master students of “International Business & Law” completed the double degree at the “National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology” in Taiwan.

It takes courage to venture into a country whose language you do not speak and whose culture is different from your own in many ways. Elena Preymann and Simon Poschinger have courageously taken on this challenge and can now not only add the completion of their master's degree in "International Business & Law" to their resumes, but also the outstanding completion of an additional MBA from the Taiwanese NKUST.

In the following exclusive report, Elena Preymann shares with us how she perceived this experience, what obstacles she had to overcome and what successes she was able to take with her:

"The language barrier was a big challenge, especially in the beginning, because although all the classes were held in English, questions were often asked and answered in Chinese. Likewise, very few Taiwanese speak English in general. Even at NKUST, everything was mostly written in Chinese characters so forms and confirmations were generally only available in Chinese.

The biggest success I see is the positive impression we made and the appreciation we received for our achievements and academic successes. During our studies, we were only given positive feedback and the professors actively involved us in the lectures. This also allowed us to give an insight into the European perspective.

We were allowed to spend the Chinese New Year with a Taiwanese family of our fellow student and were thus able to get to know the country and the people much better. Especially seeing how people from Taiwan celebrate this special holiday was one of the most impressive experiences for me. We were welcomed by the family like their own children and thus became part of the week-long festivities. I am immensely grateful for this experience!"

For future students of the Master's program "International Business & Law", who are also aiming for a double degree at NKUST in Taiwan, Elena Preymann has the following recommendation:

"My tip is to try out as much as possible and discover new things. Since the courses are structured differently than what you are used to at MCI, you can combine studying and traveling very well. I would recommend everyone to make the most of this time and travel within Taiwan. The country has an incredible amount to offer and is very diverse. You should also not be afraid of the unfamiliar and somewhat eccentric food and try everything that is offered.

For me, it has always been important to get to know the country I'm studying in and understand the culture."

(Elena Preymann, graduate of the master's program "International Business & Law")