October 20th 2023

MCI student lands dream internship in Stockholm

Bachelor's student Jonas Platter reports on his internship at the legendary Grand Hôtel in Stockholm

My name is Jonas Platter, I am 22 years old and in the third semester of the bachelor's program Management & Law at MCI in Innsbruck. I am currently doing an internship in Stockholm at the legendary Grand Hôtel.

The Grand Hôtel is a luxury hotel founded in 1874. 300 rooms, conference and event rooms, a spa area, and two restaurants delight guests from around the world. The hotel holds the title of Royal Purveyor to the Court and is the only Swedish hotel in The Leading Hotels of the World grouping.

I see gaining new professional experience in Stockholm as an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in a practical environment and to develop myself personally. The connection to Stockholm, the city where I was born, makes this opportunity even more meaningful to me.

Why did you decide to do an internship in a hotel in Stockholm?

The internship at Grand Hôtel Stockholm stood out to me, because it is closely linked to the history of the city and the country as a whole. As someone who was born here myself, I felt not only a general curiosity but also a desire to spend my summer in one of the most historic 5-star hotels. This not only offers me the opportunity to gain insights into its management, but also allows me to return to my roots: to the place where I spent many summers together with my family.

Which contents from the degree program can you apply?

The knowledge acquired during my studies is varied and ranges from cost and performance accounting to (personnel) management and marketing. However, I can mainly take a lot with me  for my future career, because every step is very well thought out and planned, as the Grand Hôtel Stockholm has been running a successful business for almost 150 years.

During my stay at the Grand Hôtel, I was already able to see the application of cost and performance accounting in action. Regularly, they weigh up which operational steps make the most sense for the team and for the hotel, taking into account the customers' wishes. The focus here is on optimising remuneration.

I was particularly fascinated by the area of human resources management, how individually and flexibly the working hours are tailored to the needs of each individual. The presence of motivational pictures throughout the hotel and the emphasis in the trainee program that our success does not lie in the luxury of the hotel alone, but primarily through excellent service, motivates me and my colleagues immensely. The motto "We are Ladies and Gentlemen, serving Ladies and Gentlemen" fills us with pride and drives us as a well-coordinated team to meet our customers with professionalism and cordiality.

In management, I have worked hard on my communication, delegation and its implementation. Here it is important for me to use clear and understandable language, because this is crucial to avoid possible difficulties. What really helps is the positive attitude around here, making even the most challenging tasks more manageable. And, although there is a clear hierarchy, everyone in the team works together, comparable to a football team whose intention is to provide the best possible service and achieve common goals.

What is free time like in Stockholm? What do you do on weekends?

On days off, I like to retreat to my grandparents' country estate in the archipelago outside of Stockholm, where you can go swimming, water skiing and jogging around the island - provided you're not too sensitive to the cold. These activities allow me to enjoy nature to the fullest and stay active at the same time.

Moreover, I like strolling around the city with friends in the evenings or visit museums to get more involved with history. The best example is the "Stadshuset", where they hold the dinner after the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Staying here in Stockholm not only reminds me of the past, but also connects me with family and friends, which makes my time in Sweden even more enjoyable.

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