June 14th 2024

Double Degree in Edinburgh: Enchanting Experiences and Magical Landscapes

Our master's student Daniela Kloiber gives an insight into her stay abroad

Daniela completed her double degree at Napier University in Edinburgh this year. Scotland, known as the land of Harry Potter, rainy weather, rugby, and whisky, offers an incomparable mix of culture, history, and breathtaking nature.

The city itself impresses with a variety of museums and a rich poetic and artistic history. The university's business campus, one of the largest in the UK, was the center of academic life. In addition to studying, there was also plenty of time to explore the magical landscape of the Lowlands and Highlands.

A particular highlight was a road trip through the Highlands to Glencoe and Loch Ness. The breathtaking nature and impressive landscapes make this region a must for every visitor. The option of hiring a car and hiking opened up numerous opportunities to experience the beauty of Scotland up close.

Edinburgh is known for its unpredictable weather. However, the frequent rain means that you are often rewarded with a beautiful rainbow when the sun briefly shines through. These weather-related natural phenomena contribute to the magical atmosphere of the city.

A curious detail is the Scottish national animal, the unicorn, and the Scottish national flower, the thistle. Both symbols can be found everywhere in the city and underline Edinburgh's fairytale character.

The semester abroad offered not only academic but also many personal enrichments. The opportunity to experience the cultural diversity and hospitality of the Scots was an unforgettable experience. The culinary discoveries, especially the famous Scottish whisky, also helped to make the time in Edinburgh something special.

We are delighted that Daniela was able to gain so many positive impressions and experiences and are glad to have her back at MCI.

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