March 16th 2021


In the context of global rivalries, regional hegemonies and societal transitions

Within “Online International Studies 2021” our department Business & Management offers a lively discussion platform for current international topics and global developments in politics, society, and economy.

Due to COVID-19 and the associated travel restrictions, we had to cancel our physical International Studies tour to Victoria/Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China and other destinations in Europe.
Therefore, we took the opportunity of a new format and designed the 'Online Studies 2021' with the title “Profit . People . Planet - In the context of global rivalry, regional hegemony and societal transition”.
This unique lecture series addresses the socioeconomic trends and technological disruptions in our societies and economies, the gradually intensifying climate crisis and the recession, all of which have accelerated the constant power struggle between the global players North America, China, and Europe.

In this ambitious program, renowned international researchers, managers and consultants share their expert insights with students. The discussion session on April 23, 2021 of the lecture series will be made available to the alumni and prospective students of the Department of Business & Management.

We hope to see you there.

Best wishes, Bernd Kirschner & team