March 25th 2022

Master's program in Social Work expanded to include future-oriented topics

The Master's program in Social Work, Social Policy and Management at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® represents a unique orientation in the German-speaking world due to its various focal points.

The field of Social Work is subject to ongoing changes and new challenges. After the revision of the curriculum, which deals with the most current issues, graduates are optimally prepared to face them.

What exactly makes the Master's program in Social Work, Social Policy and Management so special?


Unique combination of attractive study focuses with an additional specialization option

The program offers a future-oriented university education in Social Work, Social Policy and Social Management and enables graduates to apply the latest theories and methods of Social Work, to conduct research within the framework of Social Work science, to act prudently in terms of Social Policy and to successfully manage social institutions.

In light of the demands of the professional field, the program combines the three core areas of Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Management. At the beginning of the program, students also decide in which of these 3 focal points, amounting to 15 ECTS, they would like to acquire in-depth knowledge from the 2nd to the 4th semester.

Close integration of theory and practice

The study program deals with the most current topics. Practical projects and case studies in cooperation with established institutions ensure an up-to-date and practice-oriented transfer of knowledge.

An international semester

The international semester enables students to study at one of MCI's numerous partner universities abroad or can be completed at MCI in English together with incoming students from all over the world.

A career-friendly time model

Lectures are held on Wednesdays from midday, and all day on Thursdays and Fridays. Occasionally, lectures may also be held on Saturdays. This time model opens up excellent opportunities for students to pursue a career during their studies or to acquire diverse professional experience in social institutions, as well as to combine their studies with a center of life outside of Innsbruck.

Blended learning as a teaching concept

Students can expect a combination of classroom teaching, MCI webinars and guided self-study, which makes it easier to work on the side.


Application possible as of now.
Curriculum subject to accreditation by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ).


Prof. Dr. habil. Belachew Gebrewold | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Social Work
Prof. Dr. habil. Belachew Gebrewold Head of Department & Studies +43 512 2070 - 3400