April 05th 2022

Publication in Social Economy Magazine

Impact analysis entitled "Low-threshold past, complex present"

The implementation of management methods in social sector organizations has been a rocky road. After Albrecht Müller-Schöll and Manfred Priepke achieved an early pioneering achievement with the first elaboration of a specific Social Management approach in the 1970s, the content and discussions on Social Management continued to evolve. The complexity of the tasks of managers of social organizations has increased greatly to this day, and the challenges continue to grow.

Thomas Dierker describes this development in his article "Low-threshold past, complex present" and sums up: "Innovative perspectives can only be implemented for the social sector with well thought-out Social Management concepts and far-sighted managers."

Thomas Dierker is a Teaching & Research Assistant at the Department of Social Work at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® with research and interests in Social Management and Social Economy. He completed his bachelor's degree in Social and Organizational Education in Hildesheim and is a graduate of the master's program in Social Work, Social Policy and Management at MCI.