April 15th 2024

Visit from Tanzania

International cooperation: Tanzanian project partner Zena Mnasi Mabeyo visits Department of Social Work

Recently, the department of Social Work had the pleasure of welcoming Zena Mnasi Mabeyo from Tanzania, Africa. Zena Mnasi Mabeyo is a senior lecturer in the department of Social Work at the Institute of Social Work in Tanzania. Together with our department, she works on realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Social Work in Austria and Tanzania. During her stay at MCI, she attended several lectures and visited various social institutions in Innsbruck with us.

At "lilawohnt," a residential facility for women and children, we visited and talked to the residents during a communal cooking evening.

At the Welthaus, a network for church-based development cooperation, the group participated in an interactive workshop on the distribution of population, wealth, and ecological footprint.

At the FGM_C (Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting) Coordination Office of the Austrian Red Cross, project staff reported on the serious issues surrounding FGM_C in Austria. The project aims to pro-vide counseling and support to affected women, disseminate information about FGM_C, and engage in prevention work within communities.

Finally, Zena Mnasi Mabeyo gave a guest lecture for our students on the topic of "Human Rights in Tanzania and the Role of Social Work in Protecting these Rights". Following that, the project partner answered questions from the audience on topics related to Social Work practices in Tanzania

We like to thank the organizations in Innsbruck that opened their doors to us, and we look forward to Zena Mnasi Mabeyo’s next visit in January 2025 at the MCI.