April 26th 2021

New Double Degree "International Biopharma“

The MCI Master's program "Biotechnology" and the Master's program "Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies" of the Università degli studi di Padova conclude a double degree agreement, which offers students the opportunity to obtain two Master's degrees jointly.

The contact between the MCI and the University of Padua has already existed for several years. As of 2018, it was then possible for students from both universities to visit the respective partner university as part of a semester abroad. Students of the Master's program in Biotechnology were able to attend courses of the Master's program in Pharmacy during their 3rd semester in Padua. The MCI also welcomed students from Padua.

Inspired by this cooperation, the idea of a joint double degree was born, which has now been realized.

The Double Degree program is called "International Biopharma" and is based on a two-year (4-semester) curriculum: Double Degree students spend the first year studying at their home institution, and the second year at the host institution, where they complete their Master's thesis. All courses are taught in English.

"We are pleased to be able to offer our students this great opportunity of a double degree with one of the oldest universities in Europe as early as the winter semester 2021/2022" reports Prof. Christoph Griesbeck, program director for the Master Biotechnology at MCI.

In terms of subject matter, the two programs complement each other ideally: At MCI, the master's program focuses on industrial aspects of biotechnology, with an emphasis on molecular methods and pharmaceutical fields of application. The master's program "Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies" in Padua deals in depth with methods of biopharmaceutical research and development such as protein engineering, proteomics and molecular pharmacology. Graduates of the double degree now combine these different aspects and are thus excellently prepared for activities in industrial research and development. In addition, they also gain valuable experience abroad in this way.

Students who have spent a semester abroad at the Università degli studi di Padova have come back with many great impressions. The university can look back on 800 years of history and is therefore one of the oldest universities in Europe. Over 60000 students study on the campus spread throughout the city, making up over 30% of the local population.

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