January 12th 2022


Florian Mair reports on his experiences in Padua so far

Since the winter semester 2021 MCI students of the Master Biotechnology have the opportunity to apply for the Double Degree "International Biopharma" in cooperation with the University of Padua. Florian Mair is the first student to spend his 3rd and 4th semester in Padua. We asked Florian in a short interview about his experiences and impressions so far:

Florian, you have been in Padua for a few months now and are a student of the double degree "International Biopharma". What were your reasons for choosing the double degree?
"My reasons were several... among others, that I had already completed my bachelor's degree at MCI and thus wanted to get to know studying at a university, but also because I am interested in developing more in the direction of research, especially those in the pharmaceutical industry.
Another reason for me was the fact that as an Italian with the degree from Padua I can also work in public companies."

You studied biotechnology with us at the MCI for the first two semesters, and are now spending the third and fourth semesters at the University of Padua. How has the third semester been for you so far? What was the focus of your studies in this semester? Did you attend a course that you particularly enjoyed?
"I was welcomed with open arms felt at ease right away.
The professional emphasis here is clearly placed on research. Especially those, of medical research, such as fighting diseases like cancer, which find application in the pharmaceutical industry.
The courses are directly regulated from the beginning, but what I can recommend is the possibility to complete an internship for 60 hours for 2 ECTS, because this gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into a topic."

What is it like to live in Padua as a student?
"Student life is not really different from the one in Innsbruck, both cities are known as a typical student city and have quite a lot to offer."

Many thanks to Florian Mair for the interview. 

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