December 16th 2022


Students report about their time abroad so far

Following the signing of the double degree agreement "International Biopharma" between the Master's program in Biotechnology at MCI and the Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies program at the University of Padua in 2021, we were pleased to welcome our first students from Padua to MCI this winter semester. Already last year the agreement started with the first MCI student going to Padua. Florian Mair has successfully graduated in the meantime. This winter semester Isabella Lutz went to Padua for her 3rd and also 4th semester. Since October Asia Nicotra, Elena Barizza and Gilberto Vergani from Padua are here with us. Time to ask the four students about their impressions so far:

So far, what do you like the most about your time here at the MCI?

Asia:” What I like the most about my time at the MCI would probably be our classmates. They have been incredibly welcoming towards us and really made us feel part of the group. Another thing I liked is the connection with the companies working in our field.”

Elena: “I think that what I like the most about my time at the MCI are the people and the environment they create. Our classmates have been welcoming, kind and friendly, it was easy to feel included and become friends. The same is true for the administrative staff and most of the professors, always willing to help and nice.”

Gilberto: “The thing I like the most about MCI is the dynamic and stimulating environment that gives you the possibility to learn directly from people employed in any field of biotechnologies. Indeed, all lecturers show a company-oriented approach, while still retaining a high theoretical knowledge on the topics.”


What do you like especially about Innsbruck?

Asia: “Innsbruck is a lovely city, which has what I consider the perfect size for a university city. You can move around without any problem using the bike, and be where you want to be in less than 15 minutes. There are also plenty of things to do, both for sportive people and for party people.”

Elena: “What I really like about Innsbruck is that it is a quite small city, which makes it really easy to go around by bike and reach anything needed in little time. Moreover, I think it is in a strategic location, which allows doing many different things, having many hobbies and really enjoying the free time.”

Gilberto: “Innsbruck is a wonderful city, surrounded by a great natural environment. I like its dynamicity: the city offers something to do everyday and every night, and people are warm and welcoming!”


Isabella, what dou you like the most so far about UniPD?

Isabella: “What I like the most about UniPD is the large focus on the students, even when it's a big University, professors try to consider every student's needs. During the lectures, there is always time to discuss specific topics in depth or come up with questions. The focus here is academical research and the double degree is the perfect way to experience interesting topics in detail and get another point of view.”


And what do you especially like about Padua?

Isabella: “Padua is a student's city. You meet a lot of student's from different fields and from all over the world, either when you join organized events or when you just go to the city center in the evening. Padua has a lot of beautiful monuments from ancient roman times and also very good Italian food, with student's discount.”

Many thanks to Asia, Elena, Isabella and Gilberto for answering our questions and continue to have a good time and good luck in your studies.

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