January 30th 2024

MCI and University of Genoa Launch Double Degree in Medical-Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

MCI and the University of Genoa sign contract for new double degree program

MCI and the University of Genoa have signed an agreement for a new double degree program titled "Medical-Pharmaceutical Biotechnology". The program, catering to master's students of Biotechnology, spans two years, with participants spending one academic year at each institution.

This program allows students to earn degrees from both the MCI and the University of Genoa, enhancing the student’s international experience and their competitiveness in the job market. The curriculum focuses predominantly on medical aspects of biotechnology. It spans from medical topics such as molecular oncology and regenerative medicine to the production of recombinant therapeutic antibodies, and animal models for medical research. Furthermore, the curriculum includes the latest biomedical developments such as gene therapy and cell- based therapies.

By leveraging the strengths of both institutions, the program aims to prepare students for the global challenges in the field of biotechnology. The MCI is looking to select three students to be placed at the University of Genoa in the Academic year 2024/25, and is hoping to receive three students from Genoa for the third and fourth semester of the master's program.