February 16th 2021

Life Science | Interaktiv – 10 Badges awarded

Interested students successfully completed online learning module

There are now over 90 registrations for our online learning modules Life Science I Interactive. In 2 different modules, interested students can learn about topics of the bachelor's degree program in Biotechnology & Food Engineering. The topics "Bread" or "Insulin" are currently available for selection and can be worked on online after registration. By means of text modules, pictures, videos and short quizzes, the relevant knowledge can be acquired in a varied way. At the end of each module there is a final test. If you pass, you are rewarded with an MCI badge. This badge is credited to a course in the first year if you successfully apply for the "Biotechnology & Food Engineering" degree program.

"With these online modules, we wanted to give interested students the opportunity to learn virtually about the first topics of our study program and to show us their motivation by giving us a badge," explains Dr. Sonja Hirschl-Neuhauser, research associate at MCI. "The modules can be worked on independently by individual motivated students from home or can also be offered as part of biology lessons, where they are particularly suitable for 7th and 8th grade students. The online format allows us to deliberately reach students who do not live in the Innsbruck area and are interested in studying with us."