May 31st 2023


Does food fermentation represent a bridging technology on the way to a sustainable food system?

Nearly two years after application, 25 international students from the University of Bologna, Padua, Seville, Prague, and the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences, along with 20 MCI students in the 2nd semester of the Master's in Food Technology & Nutrition have spent eight days discussing various topics, which were related to fermentation technology, starter cultures, alternatives to animal products, dairy products, rheology, as well as innovation and business model development.

Guest speakers from ZHAW, HS Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, the University of Seville, and MCI provided a broad and in-depth insight into the current state of research, development, and industrial applications. Mixed groups of students also worked on the question of consumer needs in this context and their influence. Ideas for innovations from the students' perspective mainly focus on drinkable, fermented products that provide energy and are easy to consume. However, the students also identified potential in the area of healthy foods that could be seen as supplements for medical treatments. In the next steps, the generated ideas will be further explored and assessed for implementation through additional discussions and projects involving corporate partners.