October 24th 2023

PhD student at ICRAPHE 2023 in Barcelona

Jana Marx at this year's "International Conference on Risk assessment of Pharmaceuticals in the environment"

From October 9 to 10, the ICRAPHE 2023 took place in Barcelona. The conference was held for the fourth time and aims to capture outstanding examples of active research in the areas below and to draw attention to future research needs.

This year, the PhD student Jana Marx from the department of Environmental-, Process and Energy Engineering presented part of the current research in the field of membrane technology. In the spirit of sustainability, Jana Marx traveled to Barcelona by train.

The international conference focused on current European research in the areas of: „Environmental Monitoring of pharma residues and antibiotic resistance genes in the water cycle“, „Waste-water based epidemiology for public health“, „Ecological and health effects, hazards and risks“, „Microplastics as vectors for pharma residues“ and “Degradation and Innovative remediation technologies”. In the course of the last-mentioned research area, Jana Marx held a 10-minute oral communication titled "Matrix Effects on the Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Wastewater through Filtration with Multi-Channel Mixed-Matrix Membranes". The topic was to investigate the effect that different parameters (pH, conductivity, chemical oxygen demand) have on the removal of the tested pharmaceuticals. For this presentation, Jana Marx received the award for "Best Student Presentation".