March 29th 2024

Cooperation with Sandoz expanded

The existing cooperation with Sandoz has been extended to the Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering department

The combination of work and study is often a challenge. Visionary employers such as Sandoz GmbH have recognized the potential of hands-on education and therefore offer the opportunity for dual studies together with the Entrepreneurial School®. A cooperation already exists with the MCI since 2022, which is now being extended to students of the master's degree program in Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering. After the first year of study, students can apply for a place on this dual program and then have the opportunity to complete an 11-month internship at the globally active group during their studies.

The master's thesis is also written during this internship. This provides students with a particularly practical education and enables them to put their theoretical knowledge into a concrete and application-oriented context. The practical work experience primarily covers the areas of water management, waste management, and energy technology.

Werner Stadlmayr, Head of the department, welcomed the two Sandoz representatives, Aneesh Schlögl-Kishore and Dominik Bertsch, to MCI for a presentation of the cooperation. The Entrepreneurial School® is delighted about the expansion of this exciting option for students and about the thriving collaboration with this outstanding business partner.