May 07th 2024

Alumni Day 2024

The annual alumni day in the department of Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering took place at the beginning of April

Alexander Mayr, Patrick Lorisika and Florian Entleitner were guests at this year's alumni day in the Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering department. In addition to the exciting presentations on the current positions and previous careers of the three graduates, there was also room for an intensive dialog. The students were not only interested in the technical insights, but also in the subject of company start-ups.


The speakers:

Alexander Mayr

Alexander Mayr studied Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, first in the bachelor's and then in the master's program, which he completed in 2019. He has been working as a team and project manager at SPIEGLTEC GmbH since 2017, where he is responsible for managing large-scale industrial projects.

Patrick Lorisika

After completing his bachelor's degree, Patrick Lorisika also pursued his master's degree in Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, which he completed in 2017. Until 2018, he worked as an environmental analyst at Wasser Tirol GmbH and at the same time as a project employee at MCI in the field of membrane technology. From 2018 to 2024 he worked as Sales Manager at PowerUP GmbH and since this year he is Account Manager at CADFEM (Austria) GmbH.

Florian Entleitner

After completing his school education at HTL Jenbach (mechanical engineering/technical building equipment and energy planning), Florian Entleitner studied Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering at the Entrepreneurial School®, first for a bachelor's and then for a master's degree. In 2019, he founded the company LAMBDA Wärmepumpen together with Florian Fuchs, another graduate of the program. The development of series products began in 2021 and subsidiaries were founded in Germany and Italy the following year. A new production site was then opened in Kirchbichl in 2023.