May 03rd 2020

MCI Rector calls for action

Politische Querelen, juristische Streitigkeiten und laufende Verzögerungen des MCI-Neubaus werden auf dem Rücken der Hochschule ausgetragen – so kann es nicht weitergehen!


MCI Rector Andreas Altmann appeals to political decision-makers. Photo: MCI
MCI Rector Andreas Altmann appeals to political decision-makers. Photo: MCI

"Put an end to political squabbles and legal disputes" is what MCI Rector Andreas Altmann calls for in a press release. "For years the MCI has been waiting for the urgently needed and repeatedly announced construction of the new MCI campus. Instead of finally getting underway, political squabbles and legal disputes are staged publically. It cannot go on like this. At some point it will be enough," says Rector Altmann while asking the political players to get down to business and finally implement the project.

"With every delay, the MCI suffers enormous economic disadvantages due to rents in the millions, lost investments in third-party property and massive difficulties from the dislocation. On top of all this, the image of the MCI is also affected. Nationally and internationally, we are losing a massive amount of credibility, and people ask us what is going on in Tyrol. We are in the middle of the application and admission procedures for the academic year starting in autumn. For many years our students have been promised 'prompt realization', which has not happened and indeed still seems to be far away. Our cooperation partners in science and industry are shaking their heads. No one seems to consider the long term effects of all this," says the MCI Rector.

The same applies to the almost 400 employees and 1,000 lecturers who, despite difficult conditions, work with unbelievable dedication every day and who, especially in the current COVID19 crisis, have managed to maintain the quality and reliability of their seminars and research at a level that is unparalleled internationally. How should they maintain their faith, trust and motivation under the given circumstances? Not to mention the massive financial burden on the MCI budget and the losses that taxpayers are incurring as a result of the ongoing delays. Funds that are urgently needed at the MCI for other issues and that could be used more sensibly for other things in Tyrol, especially in economically difficult times.

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann continues: "We are competing internationally for the best brains, the most capable people, the most creative ideas and the most future-proof jobs, companies, technologies and business models - topics that are so infinitely important for Innsbruck and Tyrol in particular. The MCI has incredible energy, innovative power and potential. Let's roll up our sleeves, invest courageously in relevant future issues and finally get the new MCI building underway," Altmann concludes his urgent media appeal to political decision-makers to put an end to the debates and realize the project immediately.




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