December 01st 2021


MCI student of the Master Biotechnology convinces the jury and receives the highly gifted scholarship

The Rotary Club of Innsbruck has been awarding a scholarship to support highly talented young people since 1988. Every year, students in Austria can apply for the scholarship. Anna Fürst decided to study in Innsbruck after successfully completing her bachelor's degree in molecular biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich. As a participant in the Connected Program, she completed the master's degree in Biotechnology at MCI and, in parallel, the master's degree in Molecular Medicine at MUI. After successful completion of the Connected Program, students receive two master's degrees.

In addition to outstanding achievements in her studies, Anna Fürst is also active outside the university, for example in the European Young Engineers, where she campaigns for the interests of young engineers in Europe. Despite her commitment, she deliberately makes time for sporting activities such as boxing and hiking. Supported by the head of the study program Christoph Griesbeck and the lecturer Carmen Nußbaumer, Anna Fürst applied for the highly gifted scholarship of the Rotary Club Innsbruck. In her application, it was important to Anna Fürst to share her idea of giftedness with the jury: "It was important to me to make clear that a young person needs the right breeding ground for success. At MCI, I was able to develop my talents through a supportive and stimulating environment, which is reflected in my achievements." There was great joy on all sides that the Rotary Club of Innsbruck was honoring Anna Fürst's talents and achievements with the scholarship. The scholarship holder would like to use the prize money to finance a research stay.