November 11th 2021

Best regards from the most digital country in Europe!

Selina Antenhofer, a student of the bachelor's program Medical Technology, is currently spending her semester abroad in the most digital country in Europe and gives us exciting insights into her study time and experiences.


I am currently in my semester abroad in Tartu, a small city in the southeast of Estonia. Tartu is a typically lively student city and is known as the oldest university in the Baltics. You can meet students from all over the world: from China, Azerbaijan, France or even Guyana. Although Tartu is a small city (smaller than Innsbruck), it still has a lot to offer: numerous museums and parks - and since Tartu will be one of the cities of culture in 2024, a lot of events are planned.

I like that you can travel all over Estonia and the Baltic States starting from Tartu because there are numerous bus and train connections.

Furthermore, ESN (Erasmus Student Network) offers exciting excursions ranging from a weekend trip to Saaremaa, Estonia's largest island, to a multi-day trip to Lapland to see the Northern Lights. With ESN's numerous events and trips, it is worth taking part.

The studies here are generally quite demanding, especially the technical courses that require a lot of time and effort because they include various homework assignments, projects or lab work. In general, there is a wide range of English-language course offerings, especially in the Computer Science Institute, where I attend, for example, the courses Computational Neuroscience or Robotics. It is very nice that the whole university buildings are spread all over the city. Further, they are well equipped they include a library, a canteen or cafeteria and some even have a sauna!

Life here is very diverse, filled with foreign languages and a unique experience.

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