January 21st 2022

Digitization, Ethics & Values - An Interdisciplinary Exchange

Challenges arising from new technologies in digitization require a debate that includes multiple perspectives. In particular, because one discipline can not provide the information to understand and discuss new development areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, image recognition systems etc. 

Due to this, five MCI lecturers discussed these technical challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective with students from medical technology at the end of January. Stephan Schlögl (Management, Communication & IT) and Pascal Schöttle (Digital Business & Software Engineering) explained the human-machine interaction of "socially intelligent machines" (see picture) and the security of deep learning algorithms, as well. Based on this, Daniel Degischer and Markus Frischhut (both: Management & Law) addressed the business aspects (business model adaptation / transformation) and the EU law aspects (ethics and values) accordingly. Benjamin Massow (Mechatronics) highlighted the significant issue for many of the impacts of the increased use of robots on the future world of work ('future of work').

Afterwards, the students impressed with questions such as: "Who has the final decision regarding a surgical robot? Man or machine? Who should be liable for errors, what challenges arise with image recognition and possible manipulations, etc.?".

This course, which is also part of the Jean Monnet Chair activities (jeanmonnet.mci.edu) at MCI, was conducted online this year.

For more information regarding this topic, kindly contact Dr Frischhut (markus.frischhut@mci.edu)

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Digitization, ethics & values: socially intelligent machines. ©MCI: Frischhut

Digitization, ethics & values: socially intelligent machines. ©MCI: Frischhut