August 30th 2022

The Office, Part 4: Our academic junior staff

In the blog series "The Office: Behind the Scenes of your Med-Tech Department", we introduce you to the team behind the Medical & Health Technologies Department, which is responsible for the organisation and design of your daily study routine.

Yunus Schmirander and Yannic Heyer are working as Scientific Assistants & Project Managers in the Department of Medical & Health Technologies. As junior scientific assistants, they support the team in exciting research projects, teaching and scientific organization. Do you want to learn more about Yunus & Yannic? We will give you an exclusive insight into our two research assistants:


1. Academic junior staff: Yunus Schmirander:

Area of responsibility: Lecturing in the fields of computer science and image processing, PhD research, and Health Tech. Assistance in scientific work in the department of Medical & Health Technologies.

Education / Career: Bachelor in Medical Engineering at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen, Master in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Now: PhD in Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck.

At MCI: since April 2021

Favorite task/area:  Supervision of final student theses.

 2. Academic junior staff: Yannic Heyer

Area of responsibility: Lecturing in computer science and biosignal processing. Further, research in the Health Tech cluster with specialization in health and sports technology. Furthermore, supporting scientific work in the department and participation in various research projects

Education/Career: Bachelor: Sports Medical Engineering 2018 (BSc). Master: Applied Physics specializing in Medical Engineering 2021 (MSc). Since August 2021, employment at MCI in the MedTech Department. First as a PhD-student then as a research assistant.

At MCI since:  August 2021

Favorite task/area:  Develop innovative project concepts and research questions with colleagues and, most importantly, with students.


How the team describes Yunus & Yannic: The so-called Y^2 are very supportive work colleagues who always have a helping hand. Further, they always give 100%, whether in organizational matters, as lecturers or helping with research projects. In addition, working with the Y^2 is a lot of fun! They also enjoy spending time with the team away from the office. We are glad to have two such great work colleagues! :)

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Yunus Schmirander and Yannic Heyer working in the MedTech laboratory. © MCI/Geisler