September 20th 2022

MCI at European Sport Management Conference 2022 in Innsbruck

This year the so-called EASM - European Sport Management Conference - took place from September 5 to 8, 2022 in Innsbruck. During the three days of the conference, more than 250 presentations on different research topics were held. Our Health Tech research cluster contributed to this conference with two research projects in machine learning in sports.

On the second day of EASM, Jonas Kreiner gave one of the two presentations. His project dealt with photogrammetry for face checks in ski touring and the implementation of an IMU-based cadence detection sensor using machine learning. The research he has been doing is about 3-D modelling of mountain faces in order to manage the safest and best way to go down. Jonas Kreiner worked with a drone that took pictures of a mountain face from different perspectives. These images were then compared and analysed with the help of an algorithm. The results were then used to determine the best descent route of the mountainside.

The second presentation took place on the following day. In his poster session, Yannic Heyer spoke about "Machine Learning in Cycling - Will external cadence sensors become obsolete? His poster dealt with a machine learning-based approach to calculating the cadence of road cyclists using IMU acceleration data (so-called inertia measurement unit). Yannic Heyer, Bernhard Hollaus, Jasper Volmer and Valentin Spörk conducted this research together.

Thanks to these presentations in the field of AI, the MCI was able to present two innovative approaches in the world of sports and thus contribute to optimisation and safety in sports. 

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Representation of photogrammetry for face checks in ski touring ©Kreiner

Representation of photogrammetry for face checks in ski touring ©Kreiner